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Hangry Bib

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Hanger is a real problem that affects millions — including a few members of the Boldfaced team — so we decided to design the Hangry T-shirt. But hanger isn’t just for adults. Children suffer from it too, which is why we created the Hangry Bib. You’re welcome, kids.

Hangry is screen-printed in Poem Script by Ale Paul on a white 100% cotton bib.

Product information
Maker Boldfaced 
Material 100% cotton American Apparel bib, Velcro closure. 8.5" wide; 12" long. Neck opening: 5".
Care Machine wash cold. Dry flat or tumble dry low.
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Return policy Returns or exchanges are possible within 15 days of receipt. Please contact us if there’s a problem with your bib.

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