You Clean Up Nicely Dishcloth

You Clean Up Nicely Dishcloth

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Everyone will comment how nicely you clean up when using this cloth!

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    This incredibly absorbent and versatile dishcloth from Sweden is a wonder for household chores and can completely replace your need for paper towels. Invented in 1949 and made of 70% wood cellulose and 30% cotton, it makes the perfect addition to your zero waste lifestyle. 

    Why are they so awesome? 

    ❥ Absorbs 15x their own weight.

    ❥ Compostable.

    ❥ 100% natural fibres and printed with water-based inks. 

    ❥ Can be used with just water, soap, or any household cleaner.Perfect for household chores, from cleaning up spills to polishing. Cleans countertops, granite, stainless steel and glass (lint and streak-free).

    ❥ Easily lasts 6-9 months of usage although you can get years out of them if you treat them well.

    ❥ Comes packaged in compostable corn based bags.

    ❥ 70% wood cellulose 30% cotton dishcloth

    ❥ Measures 8" x 6.5" 

    ❥ Machine washable or place in the top of dishwasher.  Avoid dryer to prevent shrinkage.

    ❥ Boil with water and vinegar or microwave to disinfect.

    ❥ Hang to dry.

    ❥ Cut into smaller pieces and compost when ready.

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    Our song-inspired Swedish dishcloths were featured on Good Morning America's Deals and Steals.

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