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Auberge Script Basic

$39.00 USD

Ale used multiple references when designing Auberge. “Late 17th-century French and Spanish professional calligraphy guides were great aids in understanding the ornamental scope of what scribes were doing back then. The French books — with their Ronde, Bâtarde, and Coulée alphabets — were the ones I referenced the most. So I decided to name the font Auberge, which means hotel or inn, because I really felt like a guest in different French locales (and times).”

Because it’s not influenced by a single source, Auberge doesn’t strictly fit in the quill pen category. It works especially well for wine labels and event invitations, but “also shines in its original application: stationery.”

The five basic styles contain most of the glyphs in the more advanced Auberge Script Pro.

Product information
Typographer Ale Paul
Date created 2014
Number of faces 6
Available formats Open Type
Required software Learn more
Number of Users 7
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