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Jerk Balloon Grab Bag

$10.00 USD

Don't like our preset balloon packs? We've now created a grab bag option to suit all your jerky needs. Grab bags come in either 10 or 20 balloons. 


How it works

Determine which sayings you want then at check out, please write number of balloons with each design wanted in the pack in the "Additional Comments" box.

Here are the designs you can select from:

*I hate you * I'm the worst, sorry * You're ______ * You stink * You are a douchebag * Shut up * You're the worst * Friends off * Nobody cares * Sorry, I'm not sorry * I poo my pants * I love public meltdowns * I have no inside voice * I break stuff * I draw on walls * I quit * Use your inside voice * You're late again * Friday! * Best boss ever * Mosquitos! * Sunburn! * Meat! * Beer! * Fireworks! * You're old * Grow up * Die already * This is your birthday present * Happy Birthday I hate you * 10 day Cowboy * Deep fried everything * I love carnies * What's that smell? * Why did I eat that? * 


Product information
Maker Boldfaced
Material Latex.
Measurements 10" inflated.
Shipping information
Please allow for 2-3 business days to package your order.
Return policy Returns or exchanges are possible within 15 days of receipt. Please contact us if there’s a problem with your balloons.




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