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Bowling Script

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Bowling Script is about contemplation. When Ale created Semilla in 2009, his goal was to “distill the work of Bentele, a lettering artist from early 1950s Germany. Picking such an obscure figure was my way of pondering the meaning and efficiency of objectivity in a world where real human events and existences are inevitably filtered through decades of unavoidably subjective history. And maybe to pat myself on the back for surviving surprises mild and pleasant.”

And now, years later, Ale found himself taking “another, longer look” at the idea of distilling Bentele’s work. “There I was, years later, second-guessing myself and opining it could be done differently, in a manner more suited to current cultural angles. So I embarked on that mission, and Bowling Script is the result. I realize that it’s difficult to reconcile this soft and happy calligraphic outcome with the introspection I’ve talked about here, but it is what is.”

More than 1,500 glyphs are included in Bowling Script and Bowling Script Balls, including extended Latin-based language support. The basic version is also available, without the extra OpenType features.

Product information
Typographer Ale Paul
Date created 2014
Number of faces 2
Available formats Open Type
Required software Learn more
Number of Users 7
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