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Brief Greetings: Blunt set

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Sometimes the truth hurts. Better to keep things short and simple, right? We wanted to make a succinct set of greeting cards for times when you can’t bring yourself to say it to their face. Like how your best college friend has turned out to be a really annoying 30-something and you just can’t handle another brunch date with her. Or how your coworker’s stories about his pet parakeet make you want to staple your own hand just to feel something, anything. Whatever the harsh truth is, these will come in handy.

Set of 10 cards, featuring type by Ale Paul, Neil Summerour, and Corey Holms. Printed by Blanchette Press.


  • friends off
  • this sucks
  • please leave
  • don’t care
  • shut up
  • and five more equally blunt sentiments
Product information
Boldfaced and Blanchette Press
Material Mohawk Via 100lb. cover stock. Finish: vellum. Shade: bright white.
Measurements 5.25" x 4.5"
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Please expect seven days for your order to ship. 
Return policy Returns or exchanges are possible within 15 days of receipt. Please contact us if there’s a problem with your cards.

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