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Plump, playful Dumpling was drawn, digitized, and mastered by Mary Catherine Pflug when she was only 18 years old. The work was done during a semester-long senior concentration in graphic design at the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts. Neil Summerour was her teacher, and “put her through a ridiculously tedious, painful, and compressed process. She did not falter. She did not complain. She worked.”

In the middle of the process, Mary Catherine was in Charlotte, North Carolina and went to an opera. “The set designer was Jun Kaneko. Later, I went to the Mint to hear his talk and see some of his work. The large, ceramic forms made me realize how connected type is to sculpture. The medium may be different, but the ideas of negative space, forms interacting with each other, and the need to convey a message are essentially the same.”

After completing the digitization and final tweaks, Mary Catherine turned the font over to Neil for OpenType coding and testing. Nearly 450 glyphs, with ligatures, alternates, along with support for Baltic, Turkish, and West and Central European languages.

Product information
Typographer Neil Summerour and Mary Catherine Pflug
Date created 2012
Number of faces 1
Available formats Open Type
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Number of Users 5
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