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With a name like Friendly, this is a face that couldn‘t be anything but fun and warm. Friendly is an homage to the original letterforms of Morris Fuller Benton’s adorable Announcement typeface.

As Neil worked, the more elaborate things got and the more his desire to slant the typeface increased. But, he says, “If it‘s not an italic, I prefer the letters to slant with an angle equivalent to the thickness of the vertical stroke.” Indeed, the slanted version of Friendly is set at a subtle 3.6 degrees.

Stylistic alternates, swashes, titling, tons of contextual alternates, wordmarks, case support, and ordinals make it even more friendly and relevant for contemporary use.

Product information
Typographer Neil Summerour
Date created 2012
Number of faces 2
Available formats Open Type
Required software Learn more
Number of Users 5
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