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    Hipster Script $79.00 USD

Hipster Script

$79.00 USD

Hipster Script is cool and a little bit retro. Or not. Whatever. It doesn’t care what you think.

This script is Ale Paul’s ongoing attempt at shrinking the divide between manual and digital. In this case, he wanted to emulate the strokes of brush lettering. The process was similar to the one he used for Feel Script, but he points out that “the contrasts in Hipster’s strokes are much more casual than Feel’s dramatic copperplate ones.” Over 1,800 characters, including many swashes, alternates, and ligatures that capture the interaction between different brush widths in hand lettering. He even included contextual apostrophe ligatures, which look pretty great in titles or display settings.

Product information
Typographer Ale Paul 
Date created 2012
Number of faces 1
Available formats Open Type
Required software Learn more
Number of Users 7
Additional details End user license agreement
Return policy We hope you're not afraid of commitment because this is a final sale.