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Care Package - Fab Four Wash & Dry

$17.00 USD

Show your friends you care about them during this strange and isolated time. Reward them with this affordable care package are some useful gifts that will make your friends laugh, and help them stay clean:

1x Oh I Get Dry With A Little Help From My Friends Tea Towel
1x Hey Jude Swedish Dishcloth 
1x Germophobe Award Ribbon
1x Not Cool Card - We will hand-write your message to your friend, please include your message in the notes at checkout.

Made From:
Dishcloth is made of wood cellulose and cotton, Tea towel is 100% cotton, satin ribbon with card stock

Handkerchief is 12" by 12"
Dishcloth is 8" by 7" 
Ribbon measures 7.5" long by 2" wide

Tea towel - Machine washable, iron as needed
Dishcloth can be machine washed or placed in the top of dish washer, hang to dry