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    Lady Rene $59.00 USD

Lady Rene

$59.00 USD

One day, designer and illustrator Laura Varsky had a thought: What if she used words to illustrate, draw, and narrate? After all, “a single word can trigger endless meanings, associations, ideas, and memories in every reader’s mind. Language, as we know, has a strong power and is a living expression of a culture.”

It was that combination of love for illustration and reverence for the written word that drove Laura to create Lady René. Ale Paul took the letters and worked his magic — never losing Lady René’s whimsy or warmth — and added contextual and stylistic alternates, swash characters, ligatures, and ornaments.

Product information
Typographer Ale Paul  and Laura Varsky
Date created 2010
Number of faces 1
Available formats Open Type
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Number of Users 7
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