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    Seashore Pro $59.00 USD

Seashore Pro

$59.00 USD

Seashore is a feminine, graceful script whose thicker horizontals create a wave-like rhythm — hence the name. It’s loosely based on a left-leaning penmanship style of the late 19th century. Used mainly by professional “engrossers” in certificates and tributes, or by society ladies in their stationery and invitations, it sent a message of true refinement.

There are more than 900 glyphs in all, including a wide variety of swash capitals, alternate endings, and contextual ligatures. Seashore is at its best in short display settings — in names and addresses on formal invitations, on menus and food packaging, or in fashion and beauty contexts.

Want the typeface and the matching tote

By Ale Paul.

Product information
Typographer Ale Paul 
Date created 2013
Number of faces 1
Available formats Open Type
Required software Learn more
Number of Users 7
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