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$59.00 USD

Shameless is based on Neil Summerour’s own handwriting using his beloved Kuretake Zig CocoIro pens. But, truth be told, Neil started it and forgot about it, and it sat on his hard drive for almost a year until his daughter Isobel saw the initial drawings one day and asked him “about those pretty letters.” He says, though, that the hiatus made for a better typeface in the end. “With fresh eyes and time, much was redrawn, retooled, and expanded to something I truly enjoy playing with.”

Rather than lots of ligatures, special combinations are created by relying on contextual alternates. “Mix in stylistic alternates, swashes, responsive titling alternates, numerous style sets, and you can have a lot of fun.”

There are two versions: the standard one has over 2,200 characters (no, seriously) and the deluxe version has more than 2,400 characters. The best part? Neil plans on adding to the deluxe version any time he has an idea for an addition, and if you own it already, you’ll get the updates at no charge.

Product information
Typographer Neil Summerour
Date created 2013
Number of faces 2
Available formats Open Type
Required software Learn more
Number of Users 5
Additional details End user license agreement
Return policy We hope you're not afraid of commitment because this is a final sale.