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Stencil Set

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All three of Corey Holms’ stencils are included in this set. The Ne10 Stencil uses a modified version of Corey’s own Ne10 typeface. He added supports to the D, O, P, and0, and created the Fairgoods heart icon in the same style.

THIS Stencil was inspired by a typeface Corey created for the movie Brüno. “TheBrüno typeface was much more spindly and not a full stencil — so the typeface changed considerably when translated.”

Corey had the idea for the Matrixes Stencil while working on a different movie. “They wanted a specific LED display, so my daughter and I went to our local electronic parts store and she built one that we filmed and used in the movie. It seemed like a natural place to go when creating the stencils.” Each matrix can create a full set of letters and numbers.

Product information
Maker Boldfaced
Material Photochemical-etched stainless steel. 
Measurements Ne10 and THIS: 8" x 4.5". Matrixes: 4" x 2.5"

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