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Unusually Gifted Ribbon

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Sometimes good Christmas gifts are measured by what they aren’t: fruitcake, decorative soap, a tree-shaped candle, a drugstore advent calendar. Our *This Is Not* ribbon lets your loved ones know you put some thought into their gifts before they even open them.

And because we love taking everything to ridiculous lengths, we created the *I Got You* ribbon. This one tricks the recipient into thinking you got them something truly exceptional. Well, maybe it’s not a trick. Maybe you *did* get them a capuchin monkey, but that would make you an incredibly irresponsible person.

Available separately or in a set of two. Printed on red and white ribbon with Mark Simonson’s [Proxima Nova](

Product information
Maker Boldfaced
Material Polyester with satin finish.
Additional Details Approximately 0.4" wide. 15' total length per roll.

Please allow for 2-3 business days to package your order.

Return policy Returns or exchanges are possible within 15 days of receipt. Please contact us if there’s a problem with your ribbon.

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